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Enjoy panoramic views, unsurpassed in the Caribbean. Rich fertile multi-rivered valleys thickly planted with bananas, nutmegs, cocoa, coconuts, breadfruit and root crops such as eddoes, tannias and dasheens. Hike or bike to the La Soufriere Volcano. Experience the double treat of a tropical rain forest and challenging mountain ridges. See donkeys, mongooses, agoutis, St Vincent Parrots, and more in their natural habitat.

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Ground Tours in St Vincent & the Grenadines 1/2 Day Island Tours

Fort Charlotte, Botanical Gardens, Mesopotamia, Entertainment -3 Hrs.

Starting from the city, tour to Fort Charlotte, Botanical Gardens and the Mesopotamia Valley. Return by the coastal road. This tour includes: transportation, guide on tour, and more especially at the Botanical gardens, history of St. Vincent, Fort Charlotte, Mesopotamia Valley and Banana Production, economy and technique of production. Drinks on board.

Montreal Gardens, Mesopotamia Valley,S - E Coast, 3 Hrs.

Overlooking the Mesopotamia Valley, Montreal Gardens is a real gem: 7 acres of flowers, plants and trees gently grown for the pleasure of your eyes. The new owner is a well known European landscaper, Timothy Vaughan, who is now dedicating himself to it and makes it as one of the most beautiful gardens in the Caribbean. This tour includes: transportation, guide and drinks in the garden under a canopy. Stops are also made along the trip at places of interest. Special guidance in the garden and on banana production.

Hadley’s Bloom, 4 Hrs.

Situated in North Union, on the North Eastern coast, Hadley’s bloom is one of the most modern flower farms in the tropic. 25 acres of anthuriums, orchid, alpinia, heliconias and much more, grown under the most modern cultivation methods. Mr Hadley received a special award from the University of Hawaii for his achievement. Also of the farm: the production of vitro plants of banana. This visit includes: One guide per bus, Sightseeing trip through the Mesopotamia Valley, guided visit of the coast line. We recommend this tour to those interested in agriculture and horticulture.

Rain Forest And Parrot Reserve, 3 Hrs.

We start from Kingstown (the capital) and head for the Vermont Forest on the Leeward highway, passing Campden Park, the industrial estate and the beautiful Buccament Valley. There are two trails through the forest, for a walk of respectively 40 mins and 1 hr,15 mins: This walk done under the guidance of our trained guides constitutes a good and captivating introduction to the rain forest and wildlife. Bird lovers will also enjoy the flight of Amazona Guildinguii the parrot and the warbling of Catharopesa Bishop. Our special Sailor’s Wilderness Tours class notes on eco-system and rain forest, and refreshments are available.

Bicycle Tour, 4 Hrs.

Tour of Kingstown, Botanical Gardens, Prospect, Diamond Estate - Tour old estate dirt road at Diamond, return to your hotel. A special Sailor’s tour for athletic visitors. We provide: guide, mountain bikes, drinks and support vehicles.

Day Tours

Hike To La Soufriere Volcano, 6 - 7 Hrs.

Depart from the city by tour bus in the direction of Bamboo Range, Georgetown, lasting approximately 1 hr 15 mins. 2.5 mile hike to the mountain peak, starting at 900 feet above sea level to reach 4000 feet. A wonderful rain forest, bamboo, lush trees and challenging mountain ridges are on our program: one of the most interesting nature trails in St. Vincent. The hike return lasts for 3 hrs to 3-1/2 hrs in general. But, as every one says, “it’s worth the pain”. St. Vincent’s Volcano has indeed one of the most perfect craters of all volcanoes. A lunch at Ferdie’s Restaurant - Georgetown on our way back is always well appreciated, and more especially because we do get a ‘special dish” made of a variety of our local products. Guide, drinks and water bottle with spring water are provided, as well as hiking sticks.

Trinity Falls, 6 Hrs.

Depart after breakfast by tour bus to Trinity Falls via the Leeward coast, with stop for photos and explanation on the landscape and the life of the farming community. The hike is approximately one hour in the rain forest to reach the falls, made of three cascades flowing down a wonderful canyon in the heart of the rain forest. It is simply wonderful. You refill yourself with natural energy. Superb!! We usually stay there for 1 hour, bathing and relaxing in the sun, before our return. Lunch is taken at the Beachfront Restaurant in Chateaubelair, the closest village to the falls. Guides, drinks on tour.

West Coast Until, Chateaubelair, Richmond Vale, 6 Hrs.

Starting from Kingstown at 10 am, we head towards the North on the Leeward Highway. On our program: Layou and its Petroglyphs, Barrouallie, a village of blackfish hunters, Walliabou and its waterfall. Then: The lush North Leeward until Richmond Vale, with a possible walk on the long wild beach at the foot of the volcano, where a drink is served. Lunch is taken at the Beachfront Restaurant in Chateaubelair. Visit to Fort Charlotte on our way back, before arrival in Kingstown. Guide, drinks and lunch are included.

West Coast To Richmond And Return By Boat (or vice versa) 6 Hrs.

Same tour with one way by bus barbecue at Darvue Water Falls. Return by boat. View the leeward coastline from land and then from sea. Dolphin watching included.

Scenic East Coast Tour to Sandy Bay (the Carib Community), 6.5 Hrs.

Tour around the capital Kingstown to Fort Charlotte, Mesopotamia Valley, Greggs, Lowmans Windward, Georgetown, Rabbacca Dry River, Orange Hill and Sandy Bay. Visit the Chinese Bamboo Craft Center at Orange Hill. Lunch at Ferdie’s Restaurant of barbecue on the beach next to Black Point Tunnel. Return to Kingstown via Windward coast. Guides, drinks and lunch included.

Tour In Bequia (From St. Vincent) At 9 am or 10:30 am ferry to Bequia.

Then, 1 hour taxi tour in the island towards Industry Bay, visit of the Turtle Sanctuary. We then head for Mt. Pleasant and in direction of the south. Lunch is taken in one of the restaurants of Bequia and the afternoon is free, either to enjoy the beaches or to saunter Port Elizabeth. The boat returns at 5 pm from Bequia to reach Kingstown one hour later.

Sailing Around St Vincent & the Grenadines Sailing Tours on a Catamaran

Sailing From Kingstown To Bequia And ‘L’ile De Quarte, Day Tour

On board a catamaran, with Captain Yannis, Three boats available + a schooner (200pax) From Kingstown en route for an exhilaration tour of discovery: Crossing the Bequia channel, we may see dolphins, then Bequia and its wonderful Admiralty Bay. Stop at Princess Margaret Beach to enjoy a bath. Let us then head for L’ile de Quarte where a sumptuous buffet is served on board. You can sunbathe on the vast deck or on the hammock nets poised between sea and sky.

Fly And Sail The Grenadines, Tobago Cays, Day Tour

On board a catamaran, with Captain Yannis, Two to Five boats available (200 pax) The Grenadines; Mother Nature’s finest gift. From the sapphire sea to the turquoise lagoon and palm fringed beaches, you’ll have an unforgettable sightseeing tour over the Grenadines. And then, set sail for palm island, Mayreau and the Tobago ays. Relax on the white sand beaches, snorkel and live a dream. Sumptuous buffet and drinks served on board. The tour includes all transfer to airports and back, return flight, sailing tour, lunch and drinks.

Sail The Grenadines, 1/2 Day Tour

On board a catamaran Various tours, depending on where the cruise ship is exactly. Drinks included.

Reminder: West Coast, Richmond, Return By Boat, 6-1/2 Hrs.

Tour done 1/2 way by bus, 1/2 way by boat.

Mountain Biking Tours for the Athletic Visitors Bike Tours

Mountain Biking Tour For The Athletic Visitors Bike Tour (3 hrs/ 16 miles)
Option 1

We travel from the cruise ship berth or your hotel by Sailor’s tour bus to the top of Belmont . (15 mins) Belmont is known as “The Beautiful Mountain”. Before we put on our helmets, we will spend a few minutes to look around and get a beautiful view of “Everything”! Then we get on our 21-speed mountain bike and cycle downhill to the Mesopotamia Valley. We stop to show you the place where the early Caribs jumped to their deaths rather than to be enslaved by the English. We continue our ride to Argyle on the atlantic coast via Peruvian Vale, where we stop for drinks (spring water, soft drinks and coconut water). After we refill, we will ride a few rolling up hills and down hills along the beautiful country side to Kingstown, via Cane Garden, then we warm down with a tour around Kingstown, then we cycle back slowly to the cruise ship berth. Supported vehicle on tour.

Mountain Bike Tour 3 hrs Bike tour (16 miles)
Option 2

We start on a 21 speed mountain bike from cruise ship berth in capital Kingstown and head to Diamond on the windward coast, passing through villages and along the Airport. We stop to show you interesting historical sites along the way including Young Island Resort. You will also see some of St. Vincent’s beautiful houses in the Prospect/Belvedere area. At the turn around point in Diamonds we stop for drinks (spring water, soft drinks and coconut water), then we return to Kingstown via Cane Garden. We warm down around the city, then we cycle back to the cruise ship berth.

West Coast, Darvue Fall, (7-8 hours)

Tour to a waterfall for people who do not wish to walk much. Starting from Kingstown, we head towards the North on the Leeward Highway until Chateaubelair and Richmond Vale. Darvue Falls will be reached by foot, after a short walk of 10 minutes on a nice track crossing agricultural land and some very nice bamboo. Spend 40 mins at the falls. Lunch is taken at The Beach Front Restaurant. Visit to Fort Charlotte on our way back, before arrival in Kingstown. Guide, drinks and lunch are included.