Tour Operation

Coreas Caribbean Adventures

St. Vincent
Ms. Noll Patterson Tour Co-ordinator - Land Tours 784.456.2158 / 784.452.6144
Ms. Michele Forsyth Tour Co-ordinator - Marine Tours 784.456.2158 / 784.452.6145
Mr. Garth Williams Manager - 784.452.6140 / 784.493.1208
Mr. Alastair Baisden Operations - 784.452.6142 / 784.493.1212
Mr. Joel Providence Director - 784.452.6103 / 784.493.1203
Mr. Franklin Young Managing Director - 784.456.1201

Corea & Co. (1988) is a member of the Goddard Group of Companies, a very diversified group with sister companies throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America, which has been in existence since 1845.

Corea is well established and well respected being the most experienced and leading shipping agency and shore excursion operators in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, serving 70% of the cruise ships that visit our shores. We have been in business since cruise lines chose the Caribbean as a cruise destination.

Serenity Dive

St. Vincent
St Vincent Yacht Club Calliaqua Windward Highway Tel: (784) 457 5335 Cell: (784) 528 8030

Located on the beautiful island of St. Vincent in the Eastern Caribbean, Serenity Dive offers great dive and snoAt Serenity Dive we offer the best dive and snorkel trips, the most professional staff and the customer attention and service that you are looking for.

SVG Taxi Drivers Association

St. Vincent

SVG Taxi Drivers Association,
Cruise Ship Berth, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Angus Martin, President Tel: 784-526-2586, 495-9204, 457-1807 Email:, Lawrance Rusell, P.R.O. Tel: 784-493-2354



The Creed

To serve the travelling public with due care and attention. To meet or exceed their expectations making them comfortable and happy by being reliable, punctual and confidential thus guaranteeing their safety to and from their destination so as to develop and sell St. Vincent and the Grenadines as good ambassadors.


Fantasea Tours

St. Vincent
Fantasea Tours
Villa Beach
P.O.Box 639
St.Vincent and the Grenadines
Tel: 784 457 4477 / 784 457 5555
Cel: 784 528 8858
Fax 784 457 5577
Website: Fantasea Tours

Isn’t it time for a Fantasea?

Sailor's Wilderness Tours

St. Vincent
P.O. Box 684, Kingstown, St. Vincent,
Tel: 784-457-1712,
After hours: 784-457-9207, 784-456-0399,

Enjoy panoramic views, unsurpassed in the Caribbean. Rich fertile multi-rivered valleys thickly planted with bananas, nutmegs, cocoa, coconuts, breadfruit and root crops such as eddoes, tannias and dasheens. Hike or bike to the La Soufriere Volcano. Experience the double treat of a tropical rain forest and challenging mountain ridges. See donkeys, mongooses, agoutis, St Vincent Parrots, and more in their natural habitat.

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