Diving sites abound in the turquoise waters surrounding St Vincent and Grenadines. Abundant reef-life, normally found at 80 ft in most dive destinations around the world, flourishes here at depths of only 25 ft, with an extraordinary variety of “critters” and tropical reef fish such as angelfish, sergeant majors and peacock flounder. It is little wonder that St Vincent and the Grenadines was voted in the top small animal destination in the Atlantic and the Caribbean by Rodales Scuba Diving Magazine in 2004 http://www.fabsafaris.co.uk/caribbean-islands/st-vincent-caribbean .Indigo Dive www.indigodive.com/ and Fantasea Tours www.fantaseatours.com specialize in creating tailor-made dives for the beginner and experienced diver alike – they know where all the best dive sites are located. The shallow-water reefs surrounding almost every island also make snorkeling an exciting adventure.